Influence of Internet on National Development

Internet services are very helpful for the development of the society at many levels. The effective communication is the major advantage of internet. The passing of information to public has become very easy after the discovery of internet. The governments of each country depend on the social media and other medias for mass communication to transfer the messages. Apart from that there are many other ways in which the internet renders national development. It includes increasing productivity which results in the increase in national income. Some of that impact of internet in the national development is noted below:

Studies show that twenty one per cent of GDP growth is accounted by the influence of internet on many mature economies. The business enterprises use the newest technologies like social media’s to educate people about the services they provide through the official website and face book pages. Economists suggest that if internet was a sector of national income generation it would have greater weight even than the farming activities. The exponential expansion will be achieved by the achieved through the involvement of more people in payment platforms. However the government officials must be aware and trained about the possibilities of risk in privacy and security of information stored in the internet services. The national security should not be affected by the use of internet at any cost.

The internet develops a business atmosphere which is competitive in nature. This benefits the users by increasing the consumer choice and human capital. The increased collaboration between the governments and citizens aids for the economic efficiency. Easier communication makes the economic activities faster. The most needy and least privileged groups of a community can be concentrated by increasing the economic efficiency. Since the access to internet is same in all levels of economy it is not a big deal to access all groups.

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