The Traditional Rules Still Applicable on Modern Interior Designing

Even though the concepts and trends of interior designing have developed parallel to the technological progress, there are still some conventional rules applicable in the interior designing. Furniture rules are the main area in which such experiments are made. This is because of the reason that the rules related to furniture settings of a house is always out of trends or is flexible enough for various adaptations. Some of those conventional rules are briefly explained below.

1. Color combination and selection: Colors are the main element of fashion. The color patterns of furniture are always personalized. This can be different in the case of readymade purchasing. When it comes to design the furniture the color has to be properly selected. Here no trends are followed which is clear from the old fashion color sense is used still today. There is a trend to color the walls instead of coloring adding furniture.

2. Selection of dealer: the ways of selecting the dealer are not yet changed today since the best way is to refer the magazines. This will also help to understand the latest offers and trends. The comfort and practicability of furniture is also important in selection. The purpose of the furniture should be given priority rather than the aesthetic advantages. For instance if a coffee table is needed the artistic works on the table must be given least importance.

3. Focus on quality: this is considered to be the golden rule. In case of home furnishings it is highly important to focus on the quality rather than quantity. The durability must be checked before filling the area with furniture. Even though exclusive furniture set is a matter of prestige and luxury there must not be any compromise in the quality. The warm colors attract the freshness and vibrancy to the room.

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