Attributes of a Patriarchal Family System

Family is the social institution where dominance by one person is present. It can be either the mother or the father who takes decisions regarding all the needs and activities in a family. The authority is given to that person to dominate all the other family members and the assets of the family. In fact the liabilities of the family are also upon the same person who has the power. In a patriarchal system of family the men have power over women. All aspects of family are influenced by the dominance of men in this type.

The patriarchal family system propounds some identification marks for the men like strength, rationality, decision making ability, controlling qualities, competitiveness and ethical standards. In this type, all the activities are centered to men whereas the modern society shares the responsibilities of a family among all the adult members of family. It is to be noted that, patriarchal system gives the women the duties of home care in which they are supposed to cook food and take care of children sitting within the house. In case of any other duties assigned, it is only submissive in nature to the dominance of men. All the activities of fun, entertainment and development are meant to men through which self-development is possible.

Today, the situation has changed in such a way that women acquire positions in society which are respectful and authoritative. They have leadership qualities that make them the decision makers in both family and society. The feminism is an evolved theory in which gender equality is demanded in all levels of community. However, the national development also requires the equal participation of men and women since there are many things which women can only do successfully. The exposure given to the women education and development has also improved so that many chances in political areas are also present for women.

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